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3in1 Skinny Teatox Weight Loss Detox Tea

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Revolutionary 3in1 teatox is the new whole way towards effective detoxing and enhancing weight loss. 48 tea bags for 14 days and massive 84 tea bags for 28days.
Note*This teatox is a combination of all 3 teatox available. We have utilised an all day cleansing plan, consisting of a morning, afternoon and night cleansing. Our original 3-in-1 is the world's 1st unique approach where you get 3 blend of detox teas together.

How to drink tea? Boil water in a cup and pop your Justmetea teabags in and enjoy the taste and feel the results!

-Morning Tea: When you are taking Acai and Garcinia Teatox in combination: Each detox tea should be taken ONCE a day. For e.i: Acai Teatox in the morning and Garcinia Teatox in the afternoon.


TWICE a day, if you are only taking one kind of detox tea a day (either just garcinia teatox or acai teatox daily).

Take teatox within 30 minutes when waking up and afternoon just after a meal.

-Evening Tea: 'Skinny Teatox' (Colon / Night Cleansing Teatox)  - Is taken just before you go to bed, every night or every second night


  • Extremely beneficial in kick starting your detoxification & weight loss regime and maintaining it!.
  •   Colon Cleansing:  The body inhabits bacteria that produces toxic chemicals. By using our skinny tea, this enables the flushing out of toxic chemicals necessary for a healthy life style.

14 days contains: Best Value 42 tea bags.

14 skinny teatox tea bags


14  Garcinia HCA teatox tea bags


14 Acai Teatox tea bags

Skinny Teatox bags are taken either once a day or twice a day - depending on how you respond to the teatox 


  • Mix & match for your ultimate weight loss program. 


    Not only is this tea great for initial weight loss, but great for bloating and digestion too. The ingredients incorporated in this tea has many benefits combining both weight loss and detoxification. 


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