• Brow setting gel


Brow setting gel



FEATURES & BENEFITS  – Buildable · Conditioning · Helps with brow growth · Pairs with or without the Definer Brow Pencil

WHY IT'S REAL  – Whether you’re wearing full face makeup or going au natural, this buildable hold, clear, universal gel shapes and sets brows into place. Loaded with antioxidants and humectants to keep brow hairs groomed and conditioned, Brow Setting Gel also encourages brow growth with peptides.

REAL APPLICATION – No Makeup day: Groom brows by using short, upward strokes. Begin at the inner corner of the eyebrow, then work your way to the peak of the brow, and finally to the tail of the brow. For additional hold, allow gel to become semi-dry with a few minutes before layering on a second coat.

Makeup day: After using your correct shade in Definer Brow Pencil, solidify your arch creation by using the same method of light, short, upward strokes. Add additional layer if needed.

REAL TIPS – Roll a dot-sized amount of Brow Setting Gel to the back of your hand. Load the angled side of "Success Is Mine" Vegan Brush with your desired matte shade from any Shadow Palette. Then, mix directly into Brow Setting Gel to create a subtle, long-wear, brow cream.

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