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  • Calm Balm - Daría

Skin & Tonic

Calm Balm

2.154 kr 3.590 kr


Find some calm within the chaos

This multifunctional balm uses Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Calendula oils to aid your skin and your mood in moments of stress. It is so gentle and nourishing that anyone can use it. Suitable for dry skin.

How to use:

This amazing balm has 4 different uses:

1) Massage into your wrists and temples, breathe in deeply to help calm your mood

2) Massage into dry, delicate or cracked skin for a hydrating moisture boost

3) Massage into your muscles pre and/or post yoga to help deepen your practice

4) Apply to palms then cup over your nose, take three deep breathes before bed to help lull yourself off to sleep…zzz

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