Zarko Perfume

Cloud Collection 100ml


In Cloud Collection, Zarko Pavlov has taken Zarkoperfume to a new level. A perfume that has been developed for many years - a personal and important scent where he has caught his own dreams and feelings. You see the molecules, the essential oils, the water - an active ingredient in this perfume. It's a living thing. Respond to atmospheric changes, it is then cloudy and worn again. Pleasing and inspiring with its changing character. Combines the endless sensory variations of a Nordic marine landscape. 
Cloud Collection has a unisex scent.

Notes: sea buckthorn, driftwood, salt skin

The molecules have different weight, why they divide. The tongue falls to the bottom and they light upward. It is important to shake the bottle for 4 seconds before use so that all essential oils are mixed and the smell comes up properly.

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