• Glam Me Up Face Set - Daría
  • Glam Me Up Face Set - Daría

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Glam Me Up Face Set


Set includes 7 brushes


Master Stippler - This dense and rounded duo fibre brush is ideal for applying liquid and cream products. It provides a full coverage and well blended effect.


Duo fibre Highlight - The blend of fibres create a subtle application of powder blush and highlight.


Small Contour - A dense and rounded brush perfect for applying a chiselled contour with powder products and blending it in. It can also be used to apply bronzer and blush,


Blush - A rounded shaped arrangement of the bristles for a perfect cheek application.


Precision Powder - A multipurpose dome shaped brush designed to precisely apply powder, blush , bronzer contour and highlight.


Precision Highlight - A small tapered shaped brush ideal for highlighting the highest point of the cheeks and contouring.


Sculpting Contour - A rounded and soft angled brush that applies a natural cheek contour and flush of colour.


Angled Painter - This angled foundation brush is perfect for precisely applying liquid and cream products, espesially around the eye area. It can also be used to apply contour products.


Some brushes feature synthetic fibres whilst other are made of natural hair.

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