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  • Ocean Jewels Eye Palette - Daría
  • Ocean Jewels Eye Palette - Daría
  • Ocean Jewels Eye Palette - Daría


Ocean Jewels Eye Palette

5.990 kr


A limited edition eye shadow palette featuring 7 brand new shades in 3 versatile finishes - creamy matte, metallic and twinkling topper.

Utterly hypnotising and oh-so on trend, BECCA’s limited edition Ocean Jewels Eye Palette is like a treasure trove of mesmerising eye looks. Starring seven brand new shades with three versatile finishes – creamy matte, gleaming metallic and twinkling topper – this will be your shortcut to beachy, otherworldly eye looks. The velvety smooth, ultra-blendable texture glides on for rich colour payoff and effortless application. But, best of all, the shades are simply spellbinding, inspired by the tones of precious shells, jewels and dappled light reflected off the ocean’s surface. For a brilliant base, there are neutral ivory beige ‘Seashell’ and deep brown ‘Tourmaline’ mattes, perfect united with the metallic shades: there’s soft duo-chrome purple ‘Abalone’, moody silver with purple undertones ‘Spirit Quartz’ and warm metallic copper ‘Sandstone’. For a show-stopping effect, top these with the shimmering hues to create a lustrous, illuminated finish: there’s iridescent, holographic ‘Mermaid Pearl’ and duo-chrome brown that flashes red, blue and green ‘Ocean Jasper

Use individual shades alone for a soft touch of color & illumination or layer and blend shades to achieve a range of three-dimensional eye looks. Apply Mermaid Pearl as an eye shadow topper to create a lustrous, illuminated finish.


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