• PINK MOLÉCULE 090.09 100ml - Daría

Zarko Perfume

PINK MOLÉCULE 090.09 100ml


The interpretation of the nordic elements fused with pink champagne is the foundation of this perfume.

The warm breeze that comes in the spring mixed with water and the dark trees in Denmark.

A fragrance that has a grand opening of innocence and purity, but with strong sensual undertones - like pink champagne.

The fragrance is almost mineralic, in that it goes from the topnotes directly to the basenotes.

TOPNOTES :: Elderflower – Abricot – Black Orchid – Pink Molecules
HEART NOTES :: Ripped out!
BASENOTES :: Mahogany – Cream Accord – Black Wood Accord

PINK MOLéCULE is a feminine perfume.

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