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  • Shake & Boost Powder-to-Cream Multivitamin Booster - Daría
  • Shake & Boost Powder-to-Cream Multivitamin Booster - Daría


Shake & Boost Powder-to-Cream Multivitamin Booster

2.394 kr 3.990 kr


What it is: A powder-to-cream formula that gives concealers, foundations, and skincare a boost of multivitamins.

What it does: This magical formula helps minimize the look of pores, improve the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and an uneven complexion with a shake of a wrist. Featuring vitamins B and C as well as our age-defying Ceretin® Complex, your skin has never looked or felt better.


Wear daily alone or mix in with your favorite PÜR moisturizer, serum, foundation or concealer and apply to skin to clean, dry skin. Shake a small amount of product onto your fingertips or into the palm of your hand. Add your other skincare or makeup products and blend together with fingertips until smooth.

What it's formulated without:
- Animal testing
- Animal byproducts or derivatives
- Gluten
- Parabens
- Fragrance
- Talc 

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