• Skin Love Glow Elixir - Daría
  • Skin Love Glow Elixir - Daría
  • Skin Love Glow Elixir - Daría


Skin Love Glow Elixir

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“The holy grail of glow” – fyrsta skrefið í ljómarútínu dagsins! Ljómaserum sem má nota áður en rakakrem er sett á húðina, eða sem primer, búst fyrir húðina yfir daginn, undir “sheet-maska” eða jafnvel á varirnar. Þett er vara sem þú getur notað í allt! Húðin drekkur í sig vatnskennt serumið og eftir stendur ljómandi húð – ekkert klístur eða neitt. Virkar eins og ljómaskot fyrir húðina. Inniheldur meðal annars Hyaluronic sýrur, E-vítamín, bláber, trönuber, og koffín.

Practically synonymous with ‘glow’, BECCA are known for their exquisite, radiance-boosting formulations - but, with this irresistible elixir of glow, the brand has truly outdone itself. Enriched with brightening liquorice, hydrating hyaluronic acid and protective antioxidants, this nectar-like serum imparts instant glow with no greasy residue, shielding from the dulling effect of free radicals for perfect radiance.

A luscious elixir of radiance, BECCA’s Skin Love Glow Elixir replenishes skin with glow-inducing nutrients to leave your complexion looking healthy and miles more radiant. A cocktail of beautifying, skin-nourishing ingredients, this serum is gorgeous used alone or combined with other products as a booster. Brightening liquorice and ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid drench skin with moisture, while antioxidants – including resveratrol, vitamin E, blueberry and cranberry – shield it from the dulling effects of free radicals. Alongside this, algae, honey, caffeine and peony soothe skin, making it look more radiant both instantly and over time


Apply once in the morning to clean skin, for an effortless, glowing complexion. Drop on fingertips or directly on face, gently massaging in to skin, allowing skin to drink up the glow and radiate it out. Follow with BECCA primer and foundation for ultimate glow!

To get every last drop of glow, BECCA recommends:

Squeezing dropper when lid is screwed on, tilting bottle slightly; or pouring a small amount onto your hand directly from the bottle.

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