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  • STEAM CLEAN - Daría
  • STEAM CLEAN - Daría
  • STEAM CLEAN - Daría

Skin & Tonic


1.676 kr 4.190 kr


This simple but highly effective cleansing balm is made with Thistle, aromatic Eucalyptus and refreshing Spearmint oils to lift dirt and rejuvenate dull, tired skin. With each Steam Clean, you will also receive one of our 100% organic cotton cloths.

How to use:

This versatile balm has 3 different uses:

1) Massage a small amount into your face and neck. Soak the 100% organic cotton face cloth in warm water and hold against your face for 1 minute to steam and activate the essential oils. Breathe in deeply and cleanse away

2) This cleansing method also works well at removing make-up

3) Apply a small amount to dry lips and dry skin patches for a nourishing, soothing boost

*Certified organic by the Soil Association

**Non GMO


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