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  • TAN BOOSTER - Daría





TAN BOOSTER is a revolutionary tan activator, accelerator and extender. This illuminating serum is the ultimate supporting role in your skincare regime - simply add to your chosen moisturiser or after- sun before, during and post sun exposure to enhance, deepen and prolong a natural tan.

These sun activating and intensifying drops are scientifically developed using our Melanin Activator Complex to accelerate and extend your natural tan, alongside the nourishing benefits of Aloe Vera and Raspberry Extract within our Moisture Balance Complex. 

Features: Melanin Activator Complex and Moisture Balance Complex.


Be sure to cleanse and wash your face before application.  

Begin at least 2 weeks before sun exposure to prepare your skin for the sun. Mix 2 drops for the face and 4 drops per body part with your chosen face or body moisturiser, oil or lotion.

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